60mhz Freq Counter

No self respecting electronics experimenter these days should be without a Frequency Counter.
There are several good designs around; I can thoroughly recommend the product of "electronics - diy" in New York.
If you have a need for such a device I suggest you buy theirs immediately!
Its good value for money, compact, easy to use etc.
The website you need is:

Electronics - DIY.com

Additionally they will also supply various sections, to allow an experimenter to construct his own
This is exactly what I did, I purchased the pre programmed PIC microcontroller (for abt $US10)
and used recycled componentry locally sourced the rest of the electronic hardware.
I have used wire-wrap sockets mounted on a s.r.b.p. (synthetic resin bonded paper) matrix board
to facilitate construction of the "electronics" hardware.

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