913 CRT test jig
Test jig for 913 1" metal clad CRT.
Power supply is voltage quadrupler, with positive end connected to chassis.
All measured voltages are negative w.r.t. earth.
CRT cathode is internally strapped to filament, this means heater wiring is at high potential to earth -400v approx.
CRT and valve supplied from 2 seperate filament transformer windings.
Otherwise connecting both filaments in parallel would elevate the 6N2P valves heater to 400 volt,
with risk of insulation stress and maybe flashover!
Deflection amplifier anode is directly coupled to deflection plate.
Position control moves trace in a diagonal sense across screen.
For deflection amplifier I used twin-triode, Russian 6N2P (6Н2П) (specs sim' 12AX7, 6 volt heater only)

Based on above circuit/data: