Beacon Receiver

Following on from Tone Modulated Radio Beacon :
these are 2 small, handbuilt, low component-count, receiver designs
to pick-up the radio beacon transmitter signal.
Fixed frequency reception only, no external controls!
Field tests pending, at this time!

Design #1

Well known NE602/LM386 (QRP) receiver design

(Google MRX-40)
Xtal locked receiver (7.2 MHz)
Direct conversion type
Adjust 5uH coil slug to peak signal
Constructed on veroboard
Runs off 5 to 6 Volt DC supply
Battery powered/portable

Further information on: NE602 oscillator/mixer

Further information on: LM386 audio amplifier

Design #2

Uses direct conversion principle.

Xtal locked Local Oscillator (colpitts type)
Product mixing occurs at germanium diode, cathode
Adjust 5uH coil slug to peak signal
JFET high input impedance buffer stage feeds headphones
constructed on veroboard
Based on 80M band direct conversion design (attrib VK3YE) See below:

80M direct conversion receiver

Further explanation on single-diode mixer cct, see: Even simpler Software Defined Radio (and thoughts on soundcards)