Ch 2 VHF DX TV; possible in 2013 ?

With the introduction of Digital TV broadcasting in Australia;
Perth W.A. Analogue service will discontinue on 16 April 2013.
However the Melbourne Vic' transmission remains in service until planned termination on 10th Dec 2013.
Therfore with an "open" Ch 2 frequency allocation, and a good receiving set-up; it may be possible to receive East-West low-band VHF ABC TV during the April-December 2013 "window"
One would also hope that sunspot cycle #24 (which so far has been very dissapointing) would enhance propagation.
The graphic shows Adelaide TV received in Perth in 1960 - soon after a sunspot cycle peak ('57).

4 El 50Ω
for 65 MHz
Boom 2m,
Gain 6.4 dBd,
F/B 18 dB 

This is a yagi antenna which I "scaled" from 70MHz to 64.25MHz
using a design of Martin - DK7ZB (version 2)
For construction: I recycle, dismantled Australian Hills brand domestic TV aerials.

64.25 MHz Element-position Element-length (10 mm dia)
Reflector 0 mm 2332 mm
Radiator 858 mm 2306 mm
Director 1 1164 mm 2142 mm
Director 2 2153 mm 1989 mm


I presume the Gamma-Match gets its name from the similarity of the tuning bar and tap-off point,
to the Greek capital letter gamma ( Γ )

1) VHF Handbook for Radio Amateurs.Herb Brier W9EGQ & William Orr W6SAI 1984 pg 241
2) The Radio Handbook 14th Ed. Editors and Engineers (William Orr) 1956 pg 429

A (pF) B (cm) C (cm)
Frequency {MHz} Wavelength (m) E&E Orr E&E
64.25 4.7 33 50 23 32 3.2 4.6
Average 42 28 3.9

E&E gives capacitor value as 7pF per metre of wavelength (λ)

Uncritical broadband design, great bandwidth

This Yagi is a scaled version of the well proved Lightweight-2-m-Yagi

65 MHz Exciter (Test Oscillator)

Used to excite Antenna and adjust gamma match tap point and capacitor for lowest VSWR.