Frank Hughes (b 1951)
First licensed as VK3YCA (1969)
thence VK3EE (1970),
VK6TY (1976) and
Seagoing Marine Radio Officer : 1984-91 in Australian Merchant Navy - Amalgamated Wireless Austral/Asia Ltd.

Reside in PERTH: state capital of Western Australia.


Incorporated in 1913 Amalgamated Wireless (Australasia) limited, a pioneer in world communications, laid the foundations of many of the future radio, television and telecommunications systems which operate in Australia and in a number of countries overseas.
1913 - 1920 AWA commenced installation and operation of wireless equipment in Australia and New Zealand ships; established a wireless training school; received the first direct commercial wireless message from England; started the manufacture of radio valves in Sydney; began broadcasting regular radio concerts in Melbourne 1921 - 1930 AWA designed and manufactured transmitters for Australia’s first broadcasting stations 2FC Sydney, 3LO Melbourne, 5Cl Adelaide, 6WF Perth and 4QG Brisbane; inaugurated the beam wireless service to Great Britain and Canada; opened a trans-oceanic telephone service to Great Britain, Europe and America; assumed operational control of all coastal radio and island radio stations.
1931 - 1940 AWA carried out the first Television experiments in Australia; commenced a radio picture-gram service between England and Australia; introduced the first wireless beacon for aircraft in Australia; established the AWA radio-electric works at Ashfield, Sydney.
1941 -1950 AWA supplied 20,000 transmitters 5,000,000 valves and radar and radio navigational aids to the allied forces during WW II; developed mobile FM radio telephone equipment for civil use; designed multi-channel VHF radio links to supplement and extend internal telephone services; demonstrate closed circuit television.
1951 - 1960 AWA introduced the world’s first mandatory D.M.E. system for air navigation; designed and manufactured television transmitting and studio equipment for supply to Australian National and Commercial television stations; added transistors and television picture tubes to its range of component products; produced communication and navigation equipment for the armed forces, government and semi-government authorities; added a physical research laboratory to its research and development facilities.
1961 - 1970 AWA produced the first integrated circuits in Australia and developed micro-electronics devices for defence and civil requirements; designed and produced a fully solid-state V.O.R. ground beacon for local and overseas operation; maintained and operated space tracking stations for the Australian government at Carnarvon (WA), and Cooby Creek (Qld); designed and developed colour television transmitters and receivers in preparation for the advent of Colour Television in Australia; established a data communications systems group.

1987 AWA announces $ 49.7 million downturn, due mostly to loss making foreign exchange capital ‘exposures’ worsened by a world-wide stock price “crash” occurring at this time.
Company described as technically brilliant but financially moribund.
Company essentially “stripped” and sold off to recover lost revenue.
Marine division now part of a restructured smaller company known as AWADI (AWA - defence industries).

To read some more about the AWA company collapse from media reports at that time; click on following link : AWA company collapse 1987


Orignal VK6FH license holder Fred Hull c1930s
Fred Hull VK6FH