This is my build of a typical radio receiver of the regenerative detector type.
Usually constructed from recycled components, these design's offer good sensitivity and can be tailored to cover MW bcst band or HF spectrum by winding suitable coil(s).
Called variously; reaction, regenerative, regenodyne, ultra-audion, Reinartz sets.

John Reinartz 1QP and Fred Schnell 1MO made the 1st trans-Atlantic historic contact with 8AB in France in November 1923.
John Reinartz 1QP, licensed in 1908, was also instrumental in advancing transmitter and receiver circuitry design in the early 1920's.
In 1925, Reinartz was the radio operator that accompanied the Navy-MacMillan Artic expedition.
During WWII John Reinartz contributed to the refinement of radar.

Original inspiration: ABC 3 receiver from Electronics Australia Feb 1966