WARNING: the following "engine-porn"
may be unsuitable for some viewers!
Two 3 cyl tridents become a V6

The GP1500V6 stamp indicates George Pooley who also built
the 4 cylinder (in-line) "quadrant" prototype

Reserve barrels/head still runs!

Quad triumph from 2 parallel twins

In-line 4 triumph from 2 parallel twins

BSA V twin

Another BSA V twin

BSA quad

How about half a Harley? or one and a half ?

The eye catching "raygun/breadbox" Trident had to be
"bonnieville-ized" to sell in the USA ?

Some background on the seldom seen
"Saint" Police service Triumph

A T120R Bonnieville from c1970
Which would win in a race; the bonnie or the saint ?

Hard-Core "engine porn" V12 CBX from Andreas Georgeades

See: V12 CBX motorbike

Thanks to those engineers with plenty of time, imagination
and good machine shops!