73 Magazine

In September 1970, just a few short months after gaining a full call ham ticket,
I was enjoying working world-wide DX on the HF bands.
On the 20th of that month, I worked a US station W2NSD/1 who informed me that he was the editor of a ham themed magazine appropriately called "73"
I thought little of it at the time.

I had only ever seen the US ARRL ham mag QST, (which was a really great read)
but being imported, was quite expensive, and stocked usually only by one specialized bookseller, in a capital city.
Imagine my surprise when, but a few days later, while perusing a magazine stand in a small Australian country town; a "73" magazine caught my eye !!
Upon opening: it revealed the callsign and a picture of Wayne Greene, (SK Sept 2013) the man I'd just worked on 20 metres!
Needless to say I became a regular reader of the mag in years to come.
Incidentially all of the issues of 73 have been scanned and are available
at the following website: http://www.archive.org/details/73-magazine
Such is the power of the internet - lots of good reading there!!

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